Author: Asher Mkuonga

  • Lakeside Dreaming

    Lakeside Dreaming

    A relaxed journey. When the world feels more contained than ever, these songs loosen and unleash. Feels like being out of this world .A shining sun. The beginning of something wonderful.

  • Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    Much like the green wine of Portugal, The new mox is coastal and sweet. It feels like a beachy oasis. A paradise. An instrumental free from the stressors of the world. A short getaway to help you through today.

  • CoBeats


    Cozy up for Fall with our newest ChillLab Essential Late nightcompilation. Along with over an of lofi beats on all streaming services, Enjoy the fall season with thes chill tunes to put you in that cozy comfort in the rainy season.

  • Coconut Dreams

    Coconut Dreams

    Traditional Hawaiian instruments paired with the ambience of vacation brings this Dreamhop compilation from the beach into your bedroom. Each artist featured was put to the challenge by only having 48 hours to write, mix, and master their tracks. If you are looking to unwind, then you have found your new home.

  • Reflections


    Deep down in thoughts and reflecting back on how life has been this track was birthed showing how the artist is grateful on his musical journey. Pure Lofi hip hop track to give that feel of lofi boosting your mood. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Lofied Tape

    Lofied Tape

    Todays marks the day of the new series of Lofied Tapes. This series features our best Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop Tracks. Lofied Tapes 22 will be dropping soon!! Today we released a single to give you the feel of whats coming. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Mellow City

    Mellow City

    Mellow is single with that Lofi upbeat tempo to boost your mood. Have a listen and lets us know what you think about the track

  • The Parrot Diner

    The Parrot Diner

    Fall is here and its way essential to get the vibes for the season. checkout this latest mix from ChillLab titled the The Parrrot Diner

  • ChillLab Radio

    ChillLab Radio

    Welcome to the ChillLab Radio📻 , Broadcasting 24/7 chill lofi beats to turn anything you’re doing into a chill and pleasant experience playing the best jazzy / lofi hip hop beats from our label to get you through your day. More than 1500 tracks + new tracks handpicked and added every week, 🙏 Subscribe to…

  • Tell a story

    Tell a story

    Tell a Story is an Aesthetic lofi compilation to give you that cozy feel on relaxed day. The compilation tracks are all produced by one artist giving us that diverse sound to take through the day. Enjoy Listening